Business Support

*This business operates in the cloud.  Google Drive, Dropbox, Cloud Accounting, Time tracking, CRM’s, Estimating and Billing applications are all things I use everyday and can recommend.

Business Support 
  • Workflow Analysis, Reconfiguration and Implementation
  • Marketing Plan Analysis Reconfiguration and Implementation
  • HR Services
Administrative Support
  • Administrative, technical and marketing support
  • Client Follow-up
  • Email Management and Follow up
  • Expense Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Software and Technical Support Solutions
Website Support
  • Website Content Management and Design
  • Blog Content Management
  • Management and Maintenance of Websites, Blogs, Multimedia content and Internet Marketing programs
Social Media Support
  • Support and enhance Social Media and Internet Marketing campaigns and post on your behalf
Software and Technical Support
  • Recommend, set up and maintain tools that streamline routine administrative tasks and help you stay organized so you can concentrate on growing your business